Artist Information

Artist Information


Applications are made through the CuratorSpace site where you will need to apply with a £10.00 application fee. We ask for six images of your art and a paragraph about yourself . This will be used in publicity, the website and trail guide. If you are accepted to the trail then there will be a trail registration fee of £50 per artist payable by 15th March 2024.  Groups will pay one fee.   There will be other concessions for residents of Bonsall, artists, these will be relayed to individual artists once they have been accepted.  Groups that would like to apply can contact directly via email to discuss their needs.  Application fees for unsuccessful applicants will be refundable. Closing date for applications is 31st January 2024.  You will be contacted to confirm your space after the closing date.

Exhibition Info

Each pitch size will be approx. 2.8m x 1.2m which will accommodate a table and additional stands. The exact size may change as there will be varying exhibiting areas both in homes, marquees and community spaces. Display boards and 6ft tables will be available for hire.  Display boards will be limited to the Marquee.   All other venues gives the artist flexibility in their display choices. Each section of boards is 4ft, two boards are attached and when erected will cover a 7 foot length (2.1 metres). The height of the boards is 6 foot (1.8 metres). There will be an additional cost to cover for hire.  We ask artists to indicate their choices re the boards and tables on their submission form on curator space or when they receive their confirmation of exhibiting at the end of January 2024.   Tables will be available in some community spaces for example Church and village hall venues, otherwise you will need to provide your own.  The church has boards available to go over the pews, so if this is suitable for you please let us know.   One chair will be available for each venue/pitch.  Could you please let us know of any special requirements,  and your preference for hire of tables and display boards.

The Marquees on the park are large, robust, and will have a wooden floors, which will make the ground flat and dry and ideal for setting up your art installation.    Security will be in place 24 hours over the weekend.  There will be smaller pop up strong gazebo type tents in gardens and on the park, and around the village, but these will be onto grass or hardstanding.