Bonsall Arts Trail
trail weekend shop now over but
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Bonsall Arts Trail is an annual curated arts trail for Derbyshire artists held in the beautiful Peak District village of Bonsall. Its inaugural event in 2020 was postponed due to the crisis, however was back in virtual form during Easter Weekend 2021 as an online shop with over 40 Derbyshire professional artists and almost 1000 works on sale.
Each one of our artists is featured weekly as Artist of the Week. Plans to have artists featured in a video this year are underway, but in the meantime we are pleased to announce that all our artists have the opportunity this year to be featured in our Bonsall Arts Trail 2021 Book. This will be available in both hard copy (from local stockists) and downloadable. 
Meanwhile there’s lots more news coming up, so do visit this site every week and our Facebook and Instagram pages as we regularly update and feature the work of our artists.

Our Shop is Now Closed for the Trail

To artists, customers, sponsor and other supporters, thank you for making it such a success!

Don’t Forget to Visit our YouTube Channel

Where you can take a stroll around Bonsall and its environs, and see the first of our videos featuring our artists.

With continuing thanks to our sole sponsors