Bonsall Arts Trail
Easter Weekend 4-5 April 2021

Bonsall Arts Trail is an annual curated arts trail for Derbyshire artists held in the beautiful Peak District village of Bonsall. Its inaugural event in 2020 was postponed due to the crisis, however will be back in some form in 2021 with almost all our artists and sponsors still on board. Each one of our artists is featured weekly as Artist of the Week. There will be a limited number of spaces for new artists in 2021 and information when available will be updated here.
Meanwhile do visit this site every week and our Facebook page as we regularly update and feature the work of our artists.

Artist of the Week: 
Olinda Everett and the Red Tape project

Derbyshire was at one time an important centre for textile production and one of the most symbolic and enduring products was the red tape, which ended up tying together all the important documents that sustained the British Empire well into the ‘90s.  It was also a source of income for the Derbyshire population. Mills employed mainly women and children in the weaving industry.

I put together a series of work related to this topic for a special exhibition tied into a legacy project in Wirksworth.  It focuses on actual documents obtained from the Royal Archives at Kew as well as referring to some aspects of life in the mills.

I like to work to a topic and develop an idea. I use a variety of clays and sometimes other media and I fire in diverse atmospheres depending on the result I try to achieve.
Ceramic books have been an important part of my output over the years and they are generally expressive of the topic they refer to.
The bulk of this work was made with porcelain and oxides. There is some red stoneware and white stoneware as well. The firing was in oxidation to ^6. I used gold and some small glaze applications on the books.

Olinda will be displayed some of her ceramic work in a later feature