Exhibiting Artists’ Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for artists applying to Bonsall Arts Trail 

Bonsall Arts Trail is run by a
not-for-profit community group (Bonsall Arts Trail Group). It is an objective of
Bonsall Arts Trail Group to run a 2 day rural Arts Trail over April 4th
-5th 2020 in the village of Bonsall, Derbyshire.

This document sets out the
terms and conditions for artists wishing to participate in Bonsall Arts Trail.

By completing the application
process through Curator Space  (or any
other means where appropriate) the artist applying for the Trail accepts these
terms and conditions.

Therefore, it is the
responsibility of each applicant to ensure they have read these terms and
conditions and understand the conditions under which they are applying and may
be accepted for the trail.

Note: Details of the
application process can be found in Trail Application Guidance Notes.

Artist / Work Criteria

  • The Trail is open to any practicing artists or
    community arts based groups living in Derbyshire
  • All work to be exhibited must be the work of
    the artist or artists making the application and they must own the intellectual
    property for the work being exhibited.
  • Successful artists will be expected to remain
    with their work throughout the duration of the Arts Trail or nominate another
    person to represent them
  • Artists will deliver, display and remove their
    own work from the allocated venues


  • The management of the application process is
    the sole responsibility of Bonsall Arts Trail Group
  • The application process for all artists opens
    on the date and time publicised on the website and Facebook and other
    Derbyshire based publications
    . No applications will be considered after the
    publicised closing date and time
  • All applications to exhibit must be made and
    received within the published time scale each year
  • An application will only be deemed completed
    when the admission fee has been paid  and
    cleared and all required information has been received and checked as being in
    accordance with Bonsall Arts Group requirements.
  • Applicants may be submitted online through
    Bonsall Arts Trail Group Website (managed by Curator space) or Curator Space
    directly, or by registered post.
  • Applicants are welcomed from applicants who:

Are a
Derbyshire based artist wishing to exhibit in their own home or being
accommodated by a Bonsall householder


individual artist


For each artist or group
applying for the Trail, the following fees apply:


  • A £10 refundable fee is due as part of the
    application process. This fee will be refunded upon request to applicants who
    are unsuccessful within 28 working days. Please note that, unfortunately, we
    will need deduct a 60p processing charge to cover the transaction cost..


  • An additional acceptance fee of £40 is payable by
    an artist or group receiving an offer to exhibit as part of the Trail.

  • The fees are:

A fee
of £20 plus the £10 application fee is payable by householders or homeowners
exhibiting their own work. We define a householder as a person who is normally
resistant at the address in which they plan to exhibit

artists and groups £40 in addition to £10 application fee

artists exhibiting in a Bonsall Householders property are asked to make an ‘thank
you’ donation to the host property owner.

  • All fees must be paid by the specified
    deadline, upon which the application process will be deemed to be complete

  • Bonsall Arts Trail Group reserves the right to
    exclude artists from the selection process of from the Trail in the event of non-payment
    of the acceptance fee

  • Visitors to the Arts Trail will be charged a £5
    per adult entrance fee, payable by cash only for the whole 2 day event. Under
    18’s will gain free entry. Selected artists and arts groups will receive a free
    entry sticker. Only one free entry sticker will be issued per application
    fee paid

Commission on sales

will be no commission payable to Bonsall Arts Trail Group on sales made by
artists or from the sale of refreshments,

Selection process

  • The
    selection of artwork will be made by Bonsall Arts Trail Group and based upon
    artistic merit and the need to provide a varied selection of curated work.
  • Constructive
    and supportive feedback will be available to unsuccessful applicants upon
  • Selection decisions of Bonsall Arts Trail Group
    will be final and not subject to appeal


  • Venues
    will be allocated at the sole discretion of Bonsall Arts Trail Group, however
    preferences will be considered if a reasonable rationale is offered

Marketing and promotion

As part of the artists
inclusion in the Trail, Bonsall Arts Trail Group will market the work of the
artist or group through

  • Social media
  • Arts
    Trail publications including the Trail Map


  • The Arts Trail will only use images submitted
    as part of the application process to promote the Trail on social media, with
    the artists or arts group’s permission. Images will not be used for any other
    purpose or without permission
  • The copywrite for all images remains with the
    artist or group at all times


  • Bonsall Arts Trail Group is unable, within
    legal remit, to accept any liability for any loss, damage, injury or
    disappointment that may arise through participation in the Trail or any other
    involvement. This includes damage to any technical equipment such as computers
    or mobile phones and non-acceptance to the Trail
  • All exhibiting artists being hosted by Bonsall
    householders will be required to take out their own liability insurance.
    Artists insurance can be purchased very reasonably from Artists Newsletter: https://www.a-n.co.uk/about/insurance/
  • Bonsall Arts Trail Group cannot assume
    responsibility for any email communications sent by the Group that are not
    received by applicants for any reason

Personal Details

  • All personal details and information held by
    Bonsall Arts Group, provided by interested parties, exhibiting artists  or any other source of contact will not be
    shared by any third party. Such information will be used only for the purposes
    of Arts Trail administration
  • Where an artist provides website and/ or social
    media, Bonsall Arts Trail Group may use this information on its website and in
    related Arts Trail publications

Amendments to Terms and

  • Bonsall Arts Trail Group may be required to
    make amendments to these Terms and Conditions. Applicants will be notified in
    advance of the selection process should any substantive changes be necessary